Cooking with Mum this Mother's Day

Putting food on the plate day after day can be tricky, especially for parents who work all day and night, as well as look after their children. Takeaway is a convenient option for busy individuals, especially when you’re short on time. As easy as takeaway options are, it’s important to be mindful of what you’re eating, especially if it’s fast food. The fact is, we can never be 100 per cent sure of all the ingredients and preparation processes if we aren’t making it ourselves. Often home cooked meals will contain less sugars, fats, and sodium because we can ultimately decide what goes in and what stays on the grocery shelves.

Did you know? 35% of an average Australian adult’s energy comes from junk food. Its 41% for children.

The number of uncertain ingredients add up quickly on your calorie count if you’re trying to lose weight. They can also interfere with your entire family’s digestive systems, hormones, blood sugar levels, and central nervous systems. Junk food could cost you even more in the long run because of its effect on your health. Think of the dental bills or medicinal treatment for bodily related concerns (your cholesterol, blood pressure and mental health to name a few).

This Mother’s Day try treating mum (or if you’re a mum yourself, get your kids involved) and cook together at home. Cooking with someone can indeed reduce stress and engage both sides of your brain. Engaging in bilateral brain activities improves your mental health, boosts memory and enhances cognitive performance.