Marvellous March with Georgina Twomey


The year is flying by. It’s already March and Alive Pharmacies are starting to see an early uptake in immunity vitamins and supplements. Over the past year, our amazing team of pharmacists have also been working tirelessly to get locals immunised and protected against influenza, whooping cough,
and COVID-19.

This year it’s even more important to keep our  immune systems healthy ahead of the cold and flu season to prevent the spread of illness. Your protection after receiving an influenza vaccine is highest for 3-4 months. Consider when you might best need this extra protection. Perhaps you’re planning to travel, or you’re going to an event with lots of new people. Anyone over the age of 6 months can get the influenza vaccination. In Alive Pharmacies we can offer flu vaccinations from the age of 10 years and up. We will open bookings for flu vaccinations in March – keep an eye out at

A common symptom of cold and flu virus is a cough. Coughs can arise for many reasons and come in many forms: dry, wet, chronic, whooping, or other health-related reasons. All types of coughs can be taken care of with the
right treatment. If you’re unsure how to relieve your symptoms talk to one of our pharmacists to discuss different suppressants and soothers. The whooping cough virus is a very contagious cough, and most people were vaccinated against it as a child. The Department of Health’s advice recommends anyone at risk of exposure or susceptible to the virus should get a booster every 10 years. Alive Pharmacists can check your Australian Immunisation Register to check your eligibility and vaccine status.

COVID vaccinations and boosters are still available at selected Alive Pharmacy stores. The Alive team has recently been participating in the vaccine roll out of primary school aged students and is happy to help all ages stay up to date with your vaccines. We now offer AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax.

As the spread of the virus continues to affect our community it’s important to consider your overall health. Watch how you’re feeling and take action as soon as you feel symptoms. Stay on top of your immunity to make sure your body is prepared for the possibility of falling sick. Check out our “Adventure through the body’” on pages 14 and 15. These could be some potential symptoms to take note of.

Stay healthy and stay immunised. Make the most of March and get prepared for the cold and flu season.

- G