Band-Aid First Aid Multi-Purposegauze Pads 8 Pack

Band-Aid Brand of First Aid Products are ideal for cleansing and covering cuts, scrapes, grazes and minor burns.

Highly absorbent and designed to draw fluids away from the wound site.

Helps clean dirt and germs from the injured area.

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For best results: 1. Clean- Cleanse the injured area gently and thoroughly to ensure the wound is clean. Band-Aid Brand First Aid Multi-Purpose Gauze Pads can be used to help cleanse the wound. 2. Treat- Apply an antiseptic over the wound to minimise the chance of infection. 3. Protect- Cover the are completely with a Band-Aid Brand First Aid Multi-Purpose Gauze Pad. Tape sides to firmly secure the pad and help seal out dirt and germs. Band-Aid Brand First Aid Non-Irritating Paper Tape is recommended. Store in a cool, dry place.
This product may not be right for you. Always read the label and ingredients prior to use.

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