Endura Low Carb Hydration Coconut 122G

Endura Low Carb Hydration Coconut 122G

Endura low carb hydration coconut replaces essential electrolytes with less than. 6g carbs per dose.

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Adults: Take 1 level scoop in 350 - 600mL of water; For exercise rehydration: Before, during or after exercise as required. For everyday hydration and physical work demands: Once daily or as required. Take up to four doses per day. For the relief of muscular cramps and spasms: Twice daily. Or take as directed by a healthcare professional. Store below 30�C.
Each dose (3. 8g) contains: magnesium amino acid chelate (meta mag magnesium diglycinate): 1. 6g. equiv. Elemental magnesium: 163mg. sodium chloride: 446mg. equiv. Elemental sodium: 176mg. calcium amino acid chelate: 210mg. equiv. Elemental calcium: 42mg. potassium citrate: 185mg. equiv elemental potassium: 67mg. each dose (3. 8g) contains 39. 06kj (9. 3cal) of energy and 0. 58g carbohydrates. the maximum recommended daily dose (15. 2g) contains 704mg of sodium. excipients: malic acid, nature identical flavour, silicon dioxide (silica) and steviol glycosides. contains lactose.
Do not use if cap and/or bottle seals are missing or broken.

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