Hydrozole Broad Spectrum Anti-fungal and Anti-Inflammatory Cream 30g

What this medicine is used for
For fungal skin infections when inflammation is prominent.
- Nappy rash.
- Athlete's foot.
- Tinea.
- Jock itch.
- Ringworm.
- Fungal infected dermatitis.
- Candida infections.
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Clean and dry the affected area thoroughly. Rub gently into the affected area and surrounding skin 2 times daily. Once inflammation has subsided apply a cream containing a single anti-fungal agent only, for 14 days after symptoms disappear.
Clotrimazole 1% w/w, Hydrocortisone 1% w/w
Do not use - in the eyes - for acne - if the safety seal on the tube is broken Unless a doctor has told you to, do not use - on children under 2 years old - for more than 7 days - under waterproof bandages If irritation occurs, discontinue use, - For external use only - Also contains chlorocresol as a preservative

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