Manicare Eye Make-Up Brush Kit

Manicare Eye Make-Up Brush Kit

The Eye Make-Up Brush Kit includes: E12 Brow-Eye Defining Brush A professional brow and eye definer made from superior synthetic fibres featuring angled, stiff bristles for perfection. This brush is duo use; use it as an eyeliner to create precise lines or as a brow brush to define and fill in brows. E13 Smudge Brush A professional smudge brush for creating the ultimate smokey eye or blending at the crease. Features densely packed, high definition fibres which work to soften intense line. E10 Blending Eye Brush Professionally designed with superior quality fibres which are super soft against the eye. Perfect for blending eyeshadow.
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E12 Brow-Eye Defining Brush - Brows: Apply shadow using soft, feathering strokes outwards. - Eyes: Apply eyeliner or dark eyeshadow along the lash line working from the inner eye outwards for perfect winged liner. E13 Smudge Brush - Place brush flat against the base of lashes and work brush back and forth across the lash line to soften eyeliner or eyeshadow. - Concentrate on the outer end of the eye for a more dramatic look. E10 Blending Eye Brush - Look 1 Natural Eyes: Apply a light colour eyeshadow in long, sweeping motions to achieve an even wash of colour over eyelids. - Look 2 Smokey Eyes: Brush in small circular motions, where you want darker eyeshadow. Blend in larger circular motions to soften the final look.
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