Otifleks Goodsleep Earplugs (M)

Otifleks Goodsleep Earplugs (M)

Get a good night's sleep with otifleks goodsleep earplugs. The thermo-active material softens with body heat for maximised comfort and sound blocking whilst you sleep. Available in 4 sizes.

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Before each use clean earplugs with soap and water. Proper maintenance can extend product life to approximately 2 years. Store in container packaging.
Sebs -�styrene ethylene butylene styrene.
Please read all Safety Warnings provided with the product prior to using.\n�Removing earplugs too quickly can lead to pain or damage to the eardrum. Remove with slow gradual rocking motions\n�Inedible. Do not consume\n�Store away from children\n�Store in the packaging container\n�Not suitable for flight travel\n�Do not use whilst driving\n�Child supervision advised\n�If you are experiencing a problem placing the earplug in your ear canal try to wet the earplug with water. This will help it slip into place

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