Otifleks Natural Beeswax Earplugs 4 Pack

• 100% natural/organic ingredients- anti-bacterial
• Contains beeswax, olive oil (for pliability) and cotton (for solidity) – can be Sunflower Seed Oil according to seasonal availability
• Soft & comfortable
• Designed to be sticky to grip onto the skin
• Suitable for newborns, children and adults of all ages
• Suitable for showering & swimming
• May also be used against sound
• Ideal for people who do not like to insert something into their ear canal
• Pack of 4 moldable earplugs (2 sets)
• Can be used 5 to 10 times
• Packaging doubles as carry container

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After each use place the earplug back into its sphere. Suggested product life is 5 to 10 uses per earplug.
Cotton, beexwax, olive oil (can be sunseed oil according to seasonal availability).
Please read all Safety Warnings provided with the product prior to using.\n�Do not use if material is soiled or degraded\n�Inedible. Do not consume\n�Store away from children\n�Not suitable for flight travel\n�Do not use whilst driving\n�Child supervision advised

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