Otifleks Natural Beeswax Earplugs 4 Pack

• 100% natural/organic ingredients- anti-bacterial
• Contains beeswax, olive oil (for pliability) and cotton (for solidity) – can be Sunflower Seed Oil according to seasonal availability
• Soft & comfortable
• Designed to be sticky to grip onto the skin
• Suitable for newborns, children and adults of all ages
• Suitable for showering & swimming
• May also be used against sound
• Ideal for people who do not like to insert something into their ear canal
• Pack of 4 moldable earplugs (2 sets)
• Can be used 5 to 10 times
• Packaging doubles as carry container

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Please read the full Instructions for Use provided with the product prior to using. •Do not insert into the ear canal! •Roll earplug between your fingers and place on your ear •Close/seal the outer ear opening only •Ensure earplugs are firm and not moving •Effectiveness check: Cup hands over the ears then move hands outwards. Should a noticable change in sound occur, check earplugs are properly covering your ear entrance.
Cotton, Beexwax, Olive Oil (can be Sunseed Oil according to seasonal availability)
Please read all Safety Warnings provided with the product prior to using. •Do not use if material is soiled or degraded •Inedible. Do not consume •Store away from children •Not suitable for flight travel •Do not use whilst driving •Child supervision advised

Always read & follow the instructions for use.

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