Otifleks Showersafe Earplugs (S)

• Comfortable water protection without hindrance to hearing or air circulation
• Prevents water from entering the ear during showering
• Allows air & sound to enter (SNR 0)
• Thermo-active material- softens with body heat
• Prevents condensation and sweat build-up while showering
• Stops muffled sounds and claustrophobic feeling like regular earplugs
• Can be used for swimming- comes with additional tips in packaging to swap over
• Available in 4 sizes (S/M/L/XL)
• Designed for ease of insertion & removal
• Reusable earplugs that can last up to 2 years
• Washable with soap and water
• Packaging doubles as carry container

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Please see packaging for detailed instructions. •Check your size on the sizing guide on the back of the packaging: 1) Lightly place your little finger alongside the first white line, over the graphic. Do not press your finger down 2) Find the corresponding line your little finger fits within. If in-between sizes, select the larger size Alternatively follow the online sizing guide options •With your opposite hand, reach over your head and pull your ear upwards •Hold the earplug from its end. Make sure the stem is facing downwards to avoid unwanted water leaks •Applying pressure with your thumb, insert the earplug using a gentle rocking motion •Do not push any further than the third flange •If after insertion the earplug is loose, the earplug may be incorrectly inserted or sized too small. Check insertion or please purchase the larger size •Conversely should it not insert at all beyond the first flange the earplug is too big for the user's ear. Please purchase the smaller size •Should you wish to use the earplugs for swimming, simply change the tip with the additional one provided
Earplug: SEBS - Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene Earplug Body: PC - PolyCarbonate
Please see packaging for detailed warnings. •Inedible. Do not consume •Store away from children •Store in the packaging container •Do not use whilst driving •Child supervision advised

Always read & follow the instructions for use.

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