Otifleks Showersafe Earplugs (Xl)

• Comfortable water protection without hindrance to hearing or air circulation
• Prevents water from entering the ear during showering
• Allows air & sound to enter (SNR 0)
• Thermo-active material- softens with body heat
• Prevents condensation and sweat build-up while showering
• Stops muffled sounds and claustrophobic feeling like regular earplugs
• Can be used for swimming- comes with additional tips in packaging to swap over
• Available in 4 sizes (S/M/L/XL)
• Designed for ease of insertion & removal
• Reusable earplugs that can last up to 2 years
• Washable with soap and water
• Packaging doubles as carry container

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Before each use clean earplugs with soap and water. Proper maintenance can extend product life to approximately 2 years. Store in container packaging.
Earplug: sebs - styrene ethylene butylene styrene earplug body: pc - polycarbonate.
Please see packaging for detailed warnings.\n�Inedible. Do not consume\n�Store away from children\n�Store in the packaging container\n�Do not use whilst driving\n�Child supervision advised

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