Vicks Vaponaturals Lemon Menthol Throat Lozenges 40 Drops

- Coats dry and itchy throats

- NO added sugar; naturally flavoured

- Comes in Cliptop boxes

- Available in 3 flavours: Lemon Menthol, Cherry Menthol and Honey

- Contains 40 drops individually packed

Help coat your dry, itchy throat with Vicks VapoNaturals, Vicks’ new delicious, naturally flavoured lozenges.

Vicks VapoNaturals come in handy cliptop boxes have NO added sugar – these naturally flavoured VapoNaturals with fruity zests is the sweet way to coat dry and itchy throats.


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Store below 25�C. Keep in a cool dry place.
Isomalt, acid (citric acid), natural flavours, sweetener (950, 955), colour (160a).
Excessive consumption may induce laxative effect. Not for children less than 2 years of age.

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