Get that Gorgeous Glow

A healthy amount of collagen offers a more youthful complexion. It’s the best kept secret among mermaids and fairies as it is often associated to “the fountain of youth” kind of mythology. It boasts beautiful skin, long hair, and strong nails.

Collagen is an abundant substance in our body and makes up about a third of our body’s protein. Unfortunately, by the age of just 25, our collagen production starts to decrease dramatically. This causes our bones, joints, and skin to feel tired. To avoid signs of aging as much as possible, supplements and skincare can support a collagen-rich diet. Foods like bone broth, kiwi fruit, avocados, and oysters can boost our collagen levels.

Air pollutants and sun UV rays are major stressors on our hair and skin. Collagen can help fight cell and hair follicle damage as it contains strong antioxidant properties. Incorporating collagen into your routine can slow down the appearance of wrinkles, creases, cellulite, and stretch marks. Since it is protein-rich, it will also promote healthier, stronger hair. Another potential benefit is that it can slow down graying since it stimulates hair follicles - potentially improving your hair pigmentation.

Our bone mass peaks in our twenties so it’s important to keep our bone tissue strong to prevent them from becoming brittle. Our joints, tendons, and ligaments can benefit from collagen because it is made up of amino acids that encourage bone turnover. It will help you to glide around with ease, and you might even start to see greater flexibility too. Glycine is one of the amino acids in collagen that will not only support your bones and joints but your liver as well. This is particularly helpful for those who like to consume a casual drink of alcohol every so often. This amino acid will cleanse your body of toxins and filter repaired cells through your body. It’s also beneficial for those with digestive issues since it helps break down proteins in food and sooth the intestinal lining. 

The fountain of youth also offers enticing promises of living young and beautiful forever. Now as much as we’d love to believe this true, realistically beauty hacks and tricks might just help us reach the next best thing. Our beauty hack of the month is to try increasing your collagen intake. Collagen could leave your skin glowing, hair shinier, bones stronger, stomach calmer - all while encouraging brain function and heart health for a long happy life. Its abundant benefits might just have you feeling 21 all over again.