Stylish Scents

PerfumePerfume or as men like to refer to it as cologne, is one of the top gifts for Christmas. It can be hard to buy for someone else or even for yourself. It can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes the best thing is to use the KISS approach. Keep it Simple, Stupid LOL!  

Perfume echoes FASHION! If you’re buying for someone else, you will generally notice how that person dresses. This will help with your approach to picking a perfume as a gift.  


Classic, timeless, chic and elegant style.  

This style includes classic suits, tweeds, trench coats, blouses, pencil, or ballerina skirts.  

The fougere family of fragrances suits the ‘classic look’. This family of fragrances have a sweet top-note with the scent of lavender flowers. Lavender is particularly fashionable these days. Pleasant for both women and men.  

For Women: Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose  

For Men: Calvin Klein Eternity for Men or David Beckham Intimately Beckham Men.  


Women with a flowery clothing style. A wardrobe made up of macro-flower fabrics.  

A more powerful hyper-floral fragrance will suit i.e. heavy floralTheir personality may be more on the dramatic side. Aside from a flowery dress style they like to express themselves through bright colours, sharp lines, and larger scale accessories.  

For a not so ‘hyper’ but still floral style fragrance a rose-based fragrance is more suitable. Or an orange-blossom based scent will also do the trick.  

For Women/Heavy Floral: Giorgio Beverly Hills or Elizabeth Arden Red Door. 

For Women/Floral: Chloe Eau de Parfume Chloe or Vera Wang Embrace Rose Buds and Vanilla.  


For those who have a more discreet way of dressing. They lean towards wearing pastel colours and soft half-tones. They express themselves with a feminine style using soft fabrics that drape over their natural shape.  

A softer, more ‘powdery’ floral fragrance would be more suitable. They are softer and more delicate. A fragrance that is not overpowering, that is gentle and leave a romantic scent of soft and sweet scents.  

For Women: Calvin Klein Eternity Summer for Women  


Those who have a more avant-garde style of dressing. They wear more darker tones. They appear to have a rebellious side. Expressing their need to be unconventional and non-conformist.  

chypre or woody fragrance would suit those with this dress style. Fragrance is a part of them making a statement. They like their scent to be a sweet and playful with an edgy leather scent.  

For Women: Katy Perry Killer Queen or Royal Revolution  

For Men: Hugo Boss Bottled  


This look describes those whose dress style is more relaxed, easy going and casual. Their clothing is always comfortable and practical. Lean towards stretch knits to denim.  

A woody and aromatic fragrance would suit those with this relaxed dress style. Fresh, natural, and simple. Notes of zesty citrus and lavender, sweet spices, and oriental woods. Cedar, patchouli, pine, and sandalwood are more scents that suit this dress style. Sometimes they may go for scent body lotion instead as it is less overpowering than wearing a perfume.  

For Women: Calvin Klein Euphoria for Women  

For Men: Paco Rabanne One Million