Teen Hairstyles

Teen hairstyles
Teenage years is a time for kids to spread their wings and find out a little more about themselves, creating ‘looks’ and defining themselves as individuals. Here are a few trends, styles and ideas teenagers can try. It’s also a great way for parents to bond with them while you assist them in trying these looks.


Braids are a timeless hair style but has gained popularity through the social platform TikTok where you can share, create, and discover short videos. Braids vary in complexity so your teenager may need your assistance in achieve the look they are going for. Most teenagers will have the app TikTok on their phones or other mobile devices. If you look up #braids you will find a lot of videos about how to pull off different braid styles.

Bright Colours

Coloured hair is a great way to express yourself. With school dress code restrictions this can be hard to concede. It’s hard not to want to have funky colourful hair like social media hairdresser and influencer Brad Mondo. This is when temporary hair colour is a great alternative for the weekends when your kids are not at school. Temporary 1 Day hair colour sprays are ideal for a quick change up. There are other options like coloured hair chalk and coloured hair wax however a little harder to come by. Apply Saturday morning, wear through to Sunday, and wash out Sunday night ready for school Monday morning with no dress code breach.

Heat-less curls

Who doesn’t like a head full of voluminous curls? Heat-less curls is another TikTok worthy trend. There are many videos available in the mega popular app on the different way to achieve curls without the use of heat styling tools. Many of these methods utilise hair accessories that most of us have lying around, like a material headband, however it can take a bit more time as you are generally setting your hair while it is still damp, apply hair spray, then letting it dry. After drying you remove your choice of hair accessory revealing your heat-less curls. Search #heatlesscurls on TikTok.

Edge Control

There are many cute hairstyles to try on TikTok. There is a common technique that is starting to appear in many videos that takes care of those pesky baby hairs around the hairline. A commonly used technique used by those with very curly hair, usually those of colour, refer to it as ‘Edge Control’. Using a strong gel hair product and styling it with an edge and comb brush usually into cute waves that are flushed against your skin. Similarly, to the hairline styling of the 1920’s finger wave. If you don’t have really curly hair, you would only need a gel with normal hold and a simple soft head toothbrush would be more than sufficient to use to style your baby hairs in waves or curls.

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