Allergies vs. Cold

Women sneezing into elbow

There are many shared symptoms between an allergy and the common cold. Deciphering the difference between the common symptoms can be difficult. However, there are different symptoms of the condition that will help you distinguish the difference between the two.

Allergies can cause rashes and itchy eyes which is not a typical symptom of a cold. If you develop body aches and a fever you are more likely dealing with a cold. Sneezing and a runny nose is a common allergic reaction, however if you are producing a thick, yellow discharge from your nose you’re probably dealing with a sinus infection rather than an allergy.  

Prolonged periods of allergy related symptoms can impact your immune system. When your immune system has been compromised you are more likely to pick up viruses when you encounter them. This includes the common cold.

A stubborn cough can be a symptom of an allergy which is a result of the body’s overreaction to allergens. This type of cough is not contagious and usually linked to seasonal allergies. If you are still unsure if you are dealing with an allergy or a cold seek advice professional medical advice from your pharmacist or GP.