Ashwagandha is a herb that has healing properties to relieve stress, increase energy, and improve concentration. It contains a substance called adaptogen, which will help you to adapt to stress and calm down. Ashwagandha is the ultimate wingman for relaxation and help improve your general stamina. You can take it morning or night, but always read the label of your chosen product.

  1. Muscle Recovery

The properties of ashwagandha can be beneficial for athletic performance. Because of its calming properties it can help circulate oxygen through your body and boost your strength. It also contains a compound (called Withaferin A) which helps reduce inflammation in the body. Great during the recovery process after a workout or physical activity.  

Testosterone is the primary hormone driver for muscle growth. Women have smaller amounts of testosterone than men but it’s still a necessary component for resistance training. The combination of ashwagandha supplements and training can increase testosterone levels for better gains – similar to how pre-supplements work.

  1. Catching Zzz’s

After a good night’s sleep you probably wake up feeling refreshed and at your best. Getting adequate sleep will have a long list of benefits, including fuelling your workouts. During deep sleep your body has the chance to repair your muscles and energise your brain. Getting enough quality sleep will ensure your body is adequately recovering between physical exercise.

Sleep is the most powerful tool to promote mental stamina and better decision making. Some evidence suggests that ashwagandha could help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Since ashwagandha can help control stress it may well soothe worries and negative cognitive thought patterns. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of depression, it’s important to talk with a healthcare professional and seek help. Supplements with ashwagandha act simply as a booster to your day.

  1. Enhanced Health

Intense exercise can elevate levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the bloodstream. Ashwagandha is a safe bodybuilding supplement like protein, creatine, or multivitamin – working to stimulate your workout but also soothing cortisol production. Heightened cortisol levels can have long term effects on muscle growth, interrupt deep sleep, and supress the immune system.

Cortisol and sleep depreciation are the little devils on your shoulder preventing you from feeling your best. Ashwagandha could be just what you need – acting as your guardian angel to calm your mind and body to enhance your health and fitness journey.