Let's talk kids health with Georgina Twomey, Chief Pharmacist

Georgina Editorial

Kids love getting out and being active – running, jumping, monkey bars, climbing, skateboarding, sports, you name it and they will try it! Young bones can be fragile while they are growing however there are things you can do to help make sure your child has strong and healthy bones.

  • Ensure children are getting enough calcium in their diet. Kids from 1-8 need roughly 2-3 servings of calcium per day. Kids from 9-18 need at least 4 servings of calcium per day. A serving of calcium could include 1 glass of milk, a small tub of yoghurt or 1 cup of breakfast cereal
  • Kids are notoriously fussy eaters. If you are having trouble getting your child to eat calcium rich foods try hiding it! Smoothies, some fruit juices and milkshakes might be a good way to convince them!
  • It is much better to get your daily calcium requirements from food. If you are finding it difficult to get your child to achieved the required daily intake through diet you may consider adding in a supplement. One of our favourites is Bioglan Calcium and Magnesium Liquid Tonic which can be used by the whole family from age 2+
  • Vitamin D is also essential for effective calcium absorption. Sun protection is crucial across Australia and most of us have become very good at being sun-smart. It is important that this is balanced to ensure that Vitamin-D levels remain intact. The southern Australian states sometimes do not have the required sunlight UV levels to maintain Vitamin D across the winter months – please discuss you supplement requirements with you pharmacist
  • It has been proven that higher levels of physical activity are associated with stronger bones. Encourage your child to participate in a sport or regular physical activity to maintain bone health.

Over half of all Australian’s aged 2+ consume inadequate levels of calcium. Think about how much calcium you and your family include in your diet – is it enough or should you add a bit more? If you’re still unsure feel free to talk to our friendly Alive Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants in one of our 12 locations across North Queensland.