Let's Talk Heart Health with Georgina Twomey, Chief Pharmacist

Georgina Twomey Sporty

2-8th August 2021 is National Stroke Week which is a timely reminder to think about practical things that we can do to help prevent stroke. 

More than 80% of strokes can be prevented by managing stroke risk and living a healthy lifestyle. You can assess your stroke risk with a quick test found on the stroke foundation website 

Some basic practical health changes can make a big difference in stroke prevention: 

  • 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every day can decrease risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Over half of all Australia do not do the recommended amount of physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Schedule in your daily activity to stay on track and change it up to stay motivated. 
  • A healthy balanced diet can also help reduce risk factors for stroke, as well as limiting alcohol intake 

While we can make healthier lifestyle choices to prevent stroke, there is also good evidence for some vitamins and supplements which can be used to lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure 


Medications may be prescribed by your GP or specialist to further help with stroke prevention and heart health. Alive Pharmacists are available to discuss your ongoing prescription medication queries and to ensure you don’t forget to take these important medications.  

If you would like to learn more about heart health and stroke preventions please see our Alive Health Blogs at alivepharmacy.com.au/blogs/health-topics