Silly Season is Upon Us by Chief Pharmacist Georgina Twomey

How is it that we have hit November already, 2021 is almost behind us! The end of the calendar year can be extremely chaotic. School is finishing, Christmas is coming and we are all hopeful that borders are opening up so we can travel and spend holidays with our loved ones.

With all this excitement, however, many people can get so overwhelmed with the busyness of life that our personal mental wellness can be pushed to the side. It is vital that we all remember to take time out for ourselves. Mental health is just as important as physical health and it needs tending to. If mental wellness isn't maintained than it can escalate into medical conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Now I know what you are thinking, "what can I do to maintain personal mental wellbeing?" It starts with personal self care. Some simple ideas include exercise, meditation, practicing mindfulness, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy balanced diet and most importantly making sure you can give yourself time for mental breaks.

We are all human beings with emotions and mental health and though medication can be an option for people suffering from depression, your pharmacist is available for advice and can suggest many other options to help support you through these challenging times

As well as considering your personal mental health, it is also important to look at mental health within our society too. When we think of mental wellness we must consider the mental wellbeing of our family and friends and how we can support them through their own personal struggles.

It is also important to remember mental health in the workplace. If mental health isn't taken into consideration then people can become mentally exhausted which can affect their work performance . Through COVID-19 we have all experienced moments of isolation due to lockdowns or working from home which takes its toll. Hopefully these days are behind us as we start to live with the virus rather than try to suppress it. Keep an eye out for your team mates and you'll see the improvement in your work culture.

Mental health is an essential part of living well. Don't forget to look out for yourself as we sprint towards the end of 2021.