The Power Of Zinc

Platter of foods with zinc vitamin

After iron, zinc is the most abundant trace mineral in your body and is fundamental to optimal health. Scientific research shows that zinc has positive benefits in growth and development, immune response, neurological function and reproduction and is involved in several aspects of immunological function.

Deficiencies in this trace mineral can adversely affect several functions of our immune system thereby increasing our susceptibility to a number of infectious agents. Our immune system functions to protect the body from infection and disease. It is also the system that helps us recover when we are feeling unwell. The immune system comprises of various systems designed to protect, defend fight foreign bodies and lymph nodes filter the blood plasma. Up to 70% of our immune system is in our digestive system. Your immune system can become compromised due to many situations, for example – stress, poor diet, or lack of sleep.

Social and environmental factors can have an adverse effect on our immune system so supplementing our diet with premium nutrients can support our overall health and wellbeing. The right combination of herbal medicines, vitamins and minerals can help combat the effects of lifestyle whilst boosting your immunity.

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Ethical Nutrients are an Australian owned company dedicated to using the finest premium nutrients that work in harmony with your body. Their nutrients are biocompatible, meaning they have been formulated for easier metabolism so you can get the most of your supplements and provide nutritional impact with minimal waste. Ethical Nutrients have a broad range of natural medicines to supplement your zinc  levels and support your immune system.