Weight gain during COVID-19

Large meal


We are all coming out of winter and into spring. Not to mention ISO. During winter we gain a few kilos and want to shred them in preparation for summer. Due to COVID-19 our lifestyle’s have changed due to restrictions and we are becoming less active in our daily lives. It is these small changes that can have a bigger impact on our overall health.

Skipping Breakfast

Working from home means our alarm clocks go off later than usual and it can be easy to skip breakfast. The issue with this is that we fail to tap into the natural metabolic boost we will experience in the first couple of hours of the day. By opting for just a coffee we are left with an insufficient number of calories.

Solution: commit to a protein-rich breakfast or adopt a 16:8 fasting regime. This is known as intermittent fasting. A period of 16 hours of no food then 8 hours of eating. By skipping all food until lunchtime, you are adopting the 16:8 ratio of not eating and eating. This has been known for kick starting your metabolism. So, if you want to take on the 16:8 you’ll have to lose that milky morning coffee. That morning coffee replacing your breakfast could be contributing to those extra kilos.  

Lunch too late

Small breakfast followed by multiple snacks. 12pm rolls around and you’re not that hungry. A late lunch won’t hurt, it will. As the day progresses the second half of your day becomes more calorie concentrated and you are less likely to burn through those calories. As this continues to be a habit you will be more likely gain weight over time.

Solution: schedule your lunch break at 12pm and stick to it. Follow lunch with a light snack mid-afternoon which supports a more even distribution of calories throughout your day.

Heavy meals at night

The issue with enjoying more indulgent meals, especially at night is that they tend to be more calories per serve. Plus that sneaky wine. Most of us don’t need that many calories since we are sitting a lot more these days.

Solution: limit high-carb, high-calorie meals to once or twice a week. Choose a lower calorie meal option like grills, salads, or soup while in lockdown.

Limit the booze

Since we’ve been staying home a lot more, we’ve indulged in a little boozier drink than we usually do. You will be surprised as to how many ‘empty’ calories are in that drink.

Solution: moderation is key. Having a glass or two on the weekend is perfectly fine. However, we are not designed to drink six to seven days a week.

Save the Date: 16 October World Food Day