Your Survival Guide to Race Days

Cairns Amateurs Racing CarnivalImage credit: Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival

1. Avoid a Janet Jackson

A wardrobe malfunction can be a girls’ worst nightmare at any social event. Sometimes our choice in a plunging neckline can work against us. Utilising Hollywood tape can further secure your clothing. Sometimes keeping a few pieces of tape on you during the day can come in handy if you become ‘unstuck’.

2. Sunscreen 

Even though you may have a full face of make up on you still need to wear sunscreen. “I’m wearing make-up" or "I never burn" are famous last words. You’ll be surprised at the damage your skin will take from being out in the sun all day.  


La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50+ Invisible Fluid  
Nice and light on your skin. Offering 50+ SPF protection without interfering with your makeup.  

3. Got Tissues. Not Issues 

Sometimes at race days there are generally a large number of people. Increased day-drinking means increase toilet breaks means increased toilet paper use. As a female nothing is worse than going into the toilet and there not being any toilet paper! A small packet of tissues in your clutch can be your saving grace in this situation.  

Tip: Tissues double up as blotting paper. You can dap your oilier areas on your face to reduce any shine. Not as good as actual blotting paper but makes for a good substitute.  

4. No Blister Mister

First time wearing heels in a while? You can invest in some silicone inserts that can help your shoes stop rubbing in those sore spots. If all else fails, Band Aid have an Advanced Footcare Blister Range that will do the trick. Just give it a moment to stick to your skin properly. If you put your shoes on too quickly, they will run and pull up the band aid just leaving a sticky spot which is not comfortable.   


Band-Aid Advanced Footcare Blister Cushion

5. Power up 

Taking selfies all day can put a drain on your mobile. Having a miniature powerpack on you can really help get you through the day.  
6. Last Minute Manicure 

For some of us our nails is the last thing on our mind when it comes to our race day outfit. If you’re in a hurry and need you nail polish to set quickly once they have dried and have begun to set soak them in ice water. This will speed up your nails setting. No more smudges.   

7. Book Your Ride

At race days we all like to indulge in a few ‘beverages’. It is important to consider how to get to the race track and home again safely. Organise prior to the event your mode of transportation. Whether it’s a designated driver, taxi, or Uber.   

8. Fake it, To Make It  

During spring time and summer events we tend to show a little skin and some of us don’t naturally have a lot of colour in our skin. There are a lot of fake tanning products out there. Here are a few tips to getting the result you are looking for.   

Spray Tan: get done 2 days prior to the event 
Best to shower and shave the night prior to tanning.  
Keep your skin moisturised so your tan doesn’t become patchy.
Gradual tanners are good for a more subtle tanned effect.  

Tip: applying hair spray to your legs or arms and letting them to dry will make sure any bronzer or tan will not transfer.  


Bondi Sands Tanning Range