Adventure through the body

Here are some signals that something’s up with your body.


1. Head

Top to toe. Let’s start with the scalp. This one mostly affects the kiddos, however, don’t be fooled! Adults can still catch niggly nits. You’ll notice an itch and the feeling of creepy crawlies on your scalp. Head lice can be easily treated with hair shampoo, conditioner, and a lice comb to remove them.

2. Shoulders

A stiff neck and shoulders are all too common nowadays. Crouching over our laptops, hunching over our phones, and lounging while watching TV. Stiffness can make you feel uncomfortable, especially when you have loads of things to do. Try rolling your shoulders clockwise and anticlockwise to loosen these muscles. Then gently rotate your neck to get better flexibility. Be careful when it comes to releasing this muscle tension and be gentle.

3. Chest

Shortness of breath can hit you like an unexpected gust of wind. You may have difficulty while breathing and a tightness in the chest. Sometimes this can simply be due to a lacking lung capacity – the amount of air our lungs can hold. You can build the stamina of your lungs by practicing mindful breathing. Remember to breathe, and to breathe deeply every so often.

4. Colon

Also known as the large bowel or large intestine. If your lower belly feels swollen or you have some gas, call on your colon. Sometimes experiencing physical discomfort and bloat can be a sign of inflammation caused by food components travelling through this region. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other intruders can hold healthy microbes’ captive. Your immune defense will typically fight off unwanted visitors but being mindful of what you eat can also help soothe the belly.

5. Hands

Got cold feet? What about cold hands? Hands don’t only go cold if you’re in chilly temperatures, but if you have poor circulation too. When blood doesn’t efficiently reach your fingers, your hands may feel cooler than usual. Wear clothing to keep yourself at a comfortable temperature and try doing gentle exercise, like fist clenches or palm massages, to improve circulation.

6. Bottom

To quote Mack Daddy, “I like big butts and I cannot lie”. We do not however like when this region becomes irritated. From the top of our head down to our rectum, little parasites can wriggle through our bodies. The most common are threadworms, which usually infect children since they’re more likely to be sharing things with other kids and putting their hands near their mouths. They may experience an itch, irritability, trouble sleeping, and a lack of appetite.

7. Knees

We need knees to walk, climb and move. If we wear them down, we can lose range of motion in this joint. With age, knee pain can appear out of the blue and affect your quality of life. If you’re feeling weak in the knees its important to keep flexibility in these joints by gently keeping them moving. Squats, knee extension stretches, walking and biking can be a great way to keep your knees active.

8. Toes

Stinky toes when you take of your socks? The main cause of smelly trotters is trapped sweat, which leads to bacteria growing on the soles of your feet. This can also result in the growth of some funky fungus. Apart from an off smell, your feet may feel itchy, you may notice a discoloration on your heels or toenails, and your feet may look scaly. Remember to wash your feet in the shower and wear a fresh pair of socks each day.


If your head, shoulders, knees, or toes are crying out for attention, you might need to tend to them. Start listening to the signals your body sends you and be on the quest to find the solution. You’ll feel so much better if you act straight away rather than put it off another week. We hope you always feel great, top to bottom!