Later Skater

You may have noticed the growing popularity of scooters and skateboarders around town. Alive Pharmacy stores certainly haven’t missed it. Pharmacists are being visited more frequently by injured scooter-goers. Sure, cruising on concrete is all fun and games when getting from A to B, but in the unfortunate case you do have a tumble it has proven to cause quite a kerfuffle.



By covering a wound, you protect it from infection whilst keeping it moist and warm. This is an ideal environment for a speedier recovery. By being proactive and covering a wound with the appropriate dressing you will reduce pain and scarring. It’s normal for a scar to form when a wound heals, but it is more significant if it dries out too quickly. A hydrogel can also be helpful before dressing a wound since it is designed to help sooth the discomfort of a wound by rehydrating it. This is particularly useful for those annoying joints wounds where the skin stretches with movement (like your knee or elbow).



Promote quicker recovery 

Children’s bodies constantly require energy to create bone, muscle tissue, and skin elasticity. Hence, their bodies carry more energy to heal faster and repair the damages of a fall. As adults, our bodies are not as flexible nor as quick and nifty as they once were. Injuries and falls can cause more stress on the joints and ligaments, and we tend to have a slower healing time. Nevertheless, there are many ways to promote quicker recovery.



Stay active and rest up



Regular exercise improves your general health and stamina when it comes to accidents. You’ll have a speedy recovery if you continue to do appropriate exercise. Just make sure not to cause additional pain or strain on your injury. If any discomfort occurs, stop and rest. Rest allows your body to focus on repairing damaged cells. If it’s a deeper muscle injury, cold compresses or icepacks can help.



When a patient comes in with a cut, graze, or slice, the best advice is always to clean and cover. This will avoid infection and further complications. Oral painkillers can also help relieve pain or headaches associated with the injury.