Practice proper posture for your lungs

Proper posture is important for healthy lungs. When we hunch over in a slouched position, our chest and abdomen become compressed, which reduces our lung capacity. This makes it more difficult for oxygen to reach our lungs since physically, there is no room for our organs and diaphragm to expand.

Shallow breathing can make us feel a shortness of breath. Activities such as walking or getting up from a chair can make us feel out of breath. Over time, unchanged breathing patterns can cause stress on the lungs, which can lead to a state of chronic stress on the body. The sympathetic nervous system works harder to calm the body, which can cause feelings of anxiety.

Shallow breathing can also cause hyperventilation, where we breathe too much too quickly for the body to function normally. When experiencing short, rapid breaths, we lose carbon dioxide before it gets the chance to sit and create more. This can trigger the sensation of feeling out of breath and lead to hyperventilation.

To prevent our body from entering a state of panic or anxiety, we need to break the habit of shallow breathing. First things first, we should practice being mindful of our breathing patterns and the posture of our spine. We should ensure that we straighten our back, pull our shoulders back, and our stomach in to improve our posture.

We can also try slow breathing exercises. Taking deep breaths in for 5 counts and out for another 5 counts for 30 seconds each time can help to calm our mind and body, introduce more oxygen into our lungs, and reduce stress on our organs. This can promote overall health and reduce the likelihood of chronic stress on the body.

So remember, practicing proper posture and breathing techniques can help us to maintain healthy lungs and reduce the risk of chronic stress on the body. Take a moment and be mindful of your posture.