Fabulous February with Georgina Twomey

The early months of the year are often fueled by healthy habits. With the overwhelming current global theme of COVID-19, people want to regain control over their lives and especially their health. A common focus is getting our weight loss goals back into shape.

Whether you’re an active outdoors person or enjoy an indoor gym workout, remember these 3 tips from a pharmacist:

  1. DRINK WATER AND ELECTROLYTES. It’s important to replace the fluids (like sodium and chloride) lost through our sweat. Try Endura or Hydralyte to restore your body and stay hydrated.
  2. ALWAYS HAVE A SHOWER AFTER EXERCISING. This protects our skin from bacterial growth, which can lead to all sorts of infections. Also, always remember to wash your clothes before re-wearing them.
  3. WEAR SUNSCREEN AND/OR INSECT REPELLENT. Especially in the tropics - the humid sun and pesky bugs are everywhere you go. Prevent heatstroke, sunburn, and itchy rashes by using Neutrogena’s Sunscreen Range or Bushman’s Heavy Duty Insect Repellant.

Be smart about your weight loss goals. Most diets end up failing, so set realistic goals like incorporating more veggies into your meals. When exercising, set your own pace and challenge yourself to beat your own personal bests.

A great SMART goal to try is “I will add a 30-minute morning exercise routine to my schedule, five days a week, for the next four weeks, to help increase my metabolism”.

If you’re unsure about how to stay health-smart during the last month of summer, ask our pharmacists behind the counter. Make the most of the outdoor sunshine and have fun while exercising.

Wishing you a fabulous February, and good luck with your health and fitness goals.