Happy April from Chief Pharmacist Georgina Twomey

April is looking exciting as we transition from pandemic to endemic. Gatherings are ready to go ahead which is exciting for Anzac Day and Mother’s Day just around the corner. Keep washing your hands and using hand sanitizer where possible. Keeping on top of your health shouldn’t come at the expense of spending time with loved ones. 

Flu vaccinations have been rolling out in our Alive Pharmacy stores. We recommend getting your annual influenza vaccination ahead of the flu season, to prevent sickness before community spread. It is most optimal during the first 3 to 4 months and offers protection throughout the year. That’s why now (just before winter) is a great time to come in and get your dose. Bookings can be made online.

In April’s Catalogue you’ll notice some tips on how to keep your skin and hair youthful. We all know it’s important to keep the insides of our bodies in good health but taking care of our physical appearance can also be just as important mentally. This could be done with a combination of skincare, haircare, and a few supplements to leave you feeling good inside and out. Read about how to build your skincare and haircare routine in the upcoming catalogue or online. What preventative measures you take to keep your body at its best will begin to show over time. It can be tough to stick to a diet, schedule in your vitamins, or make time for a vaccination booking, but consistency with your actions will do wonders. Routines and vitamins don’t work overnight; they take time to flush out the toxins in your body and replace them with the right nutrients.

Getting active will also give you those extra endorphins to feel confident in your skin. Feeling comfortable with your physical appearance can sometimes be challenging. You might not be as fit as you were when you were young, but that’s normal as our body’s collagen starts to naturally decline. Sports nutrition and supplements are becoming more popular when it comes to fitness and health routines. Supplements like amino acids can give you that little extra boost and motivation to get active and achieve your personal goals.

I hope you get to enjoy some time with family and friends over the next few months. Look for little ways to improve your overall health, whether that be getting your flu vaccine or finding a new face wash that clears your skin. One step at a time will eventually have you feeling your best.

Be confident and look after yourselves this month. (Also, a Happy Mother’s Day to my fellow mothers!).


- G