Band-Aid Advanced Healing Hydro Seal Jumbo 3 Pack

Hydro Seal Gel Plasters provide the Optimal Healing Environment (compared to traditional plasters).

Designed to protect large wounds.

These are our most advanced plasters. They work differently than traditional plasters.

Shows it's working.

- Product will swell and a white bubble will form to show the healing process has begun.


- Provides protection and relief from painful wounds.

Long lasting.

- Stays on for multiple days, even through hand washing and showers.

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1. Stop the bleed and clean the wound.
Once the bleeding has stopped, ensure you clean the wound and dry it completely.
2. Skip the ointment.
To ensure the plaster properly adheres, do not apply creams, ointments or lotions to the wound.
3. Seal it up.
Carefully remove the white paper tabs and apply the gel plaster directly on the wound. There is no pad.
4. Watch it work.
Within 24 hours of application the product will begin to swell and a white bubble will appear over the wound. This signals that your body's natural healing process has begun.
5. Keep it on- no peeking!
This plaster is designed to deliver multi-day protection. You can wear it until it begins to detach.
Diabetics and those with poor circulation should use under the supervision of a Health Care Professional.

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