Bosisto's Lavender Solution 250mL

Bosisto's Lavender Solution 250mL

A luxurious, calming blend of lavandula oils formulated to dissolve easily in water.
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Bosisto's Lavender Solution is a luxurious blend of lavendula oils in a unique formula which dissolves easily in water. Great for soothing, relaxing and all-purpose cleaning and freshening around the home. Personal Uses: Calming Add a few drops onto pillow or tissue before sleep, to calm and soothe. Relaxation Dab directly onto temples, or add three capfuls to bathwater to relax the body and mind. Especially beneficial before going to bed. Household Uses: Aromatic - Laundry Add three capfuls to the laundry wash to freshen and fragrance. Great for linen and towels. Clean Surfaces Add three capfuls to a litre of warm water and wipe surfaces. Ideal for bathroom, nursery and bedrooms. Antibacterial To kill common household germs, apply directly to surfaces and allow to dry. Freshen Toilet Add two capfuls to toilet water, leave for five minutes then flush to clean and deodorise.
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