Clearasil Ultra Acne Treatment Extra Strength Face Cream Reduce Pimples 20G

Clearasil Ultra Acne Treatment Cream 20g

Clearasil ultra acne treatment cream extra strength for visibly clearer skin.

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Take this test before using: apply on the inside of the elbow and leave on overnight. If irritation occurs do not use. Wash face thoroughly. For best results, use a Clearasil Face Wash daily. Apply Clearasil Ultra Treatment Cream to the areas affected by pimples. For the first week apply once daily. Thereafter apply twice daily. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Keep tightly closed.
FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. USE STRICTLY AS DIRECTED. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. FABRICS MAY BE BLEACHED BY THIS PRODUCT. Keep away from eyes, lips, mouth and sensitive areas of the neck. If excessive swelling. irritation, redness or peeling occurs, discontinue use. If these persist consult a Doctor. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light. Avoid using at high altitudes and snow covered ground.

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