Colgate Optic White FlexLight LED Whitening Kit 30 Treatments

Professional-level* teeth whitening is now at your fingertips with the Colgate Optic White FlexLight LED Device.

Our hydrogen peroxide serum works with the indigo LED whitening device to give you dramatic whitening results in just 10 minutes a day*. The enamel safe formula is designed for no tooth sensitivity^ and the lightweight, flexible LED device moulds to your mouth, so you don't have to sacrifice comfort when it comes to whitening your teeth!

Light, portable and easy to use - just plug it into your smartphone (iPhone or Android) and use it for 10 minutes a day for 10 days, and get ready for dramatic results!*

There are just 3 easy steps:
1. Apply the serum to your teeth using the whitening pen.
2. Whiten for 10 minutes using the LED device.
3. Enjoy a whiter, brighter smile!*

Get the most out of your whitening experience with the Colgate Connect App! Set reminders, track your treatments, get whitening tips, earn rewards and more! Visit Colgate App Rewards Program Terms & Conditions website for more information.

Optic White FlexLight Whitening Kit includes:
- 1 x Flexible LED Whitening Device
- 1 x Pen with Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Serum
- 1 x USB-C to iPhone Adaptor

When you've finished your 30 Treatments^, simply refill by purchasing another Optic White Overnight Pen for another 30 Treatments^!!

Teeth Whitening Tips:
- By dabbing or drying your teeth with a tissue before use, you allow the hydrogen peroxide concentrated film to best form on your teeth.
- 1-2 drops of serum is enough for up to 4 teeth.
- Leaving the serum on overnight allows for optimal results..


*10 minutes a day for 10 days. Use as directed. Individual results may vary.
^Varies based on individual use.
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