Elastoplast Cohesive Compression Bandage 75mm x 4.5m

Unique self-adhesive technology sticks to itself, not skin or hair. Skin friendly, pain free with no residue, ideal for any taping requirement. 

Latex free
Gentle compression. 
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By adapting the bandage stretch and number of wrap layers, the level of compression and firmness can be customised. 1. Ensure skin is clean and dry, keeping the injured area supported in the position it will be once bandaged. 2. Wrap the bandage around the injured area, ensuring that you overlap each layer by a half. If bandaging a joint i.e. knee or ankle, use a figure 8 bandaging technique. 3. Do not apply stretch or pressure on the last 10cm of application.
Ensure circulation is not impaired and bandage is not too tight. If it feels too tight, remove and re-apply.

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