GAIA Natural Baby Organic Cotton Cleansing Pads 40 Pack

The cushion soft, GAIA Natural Baby Organic Cotton Pads are perfect for the gentle care of the face, skin, body & nappy area. A must have product for every change table, these pads are extra-large and dual sided and the quilted edges ensure that no lint or cotton fibers are left behind.
The GAIA Cotton Pads are:
- Made from Organic cotton
- GMO Free
- Pesticide Free
- Biodegradable
- Highly absorbent
- Planet friendly

The GAIA Cotton Pads can be used to clean the face and body, to dry fingers, toes and skin folds and to apply ointment, creams or oils on the delicate and sensitive skin of new born babies. Use them periodically with warm water or a gentle cleanser to freshen up the nappy area in between bath time. Each pack contains 40 cleansing pads.
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Use the soft, smooth surface to apply preferred cleansers and lotions, using the cotton pad to gently massage the skin until the product is absorbed. Use the textured side for gentle cleansing with warm water. Dispose of pad in regular household waste.
100% organic cotton
Do not flush. Keep packaging away from babies and children to avoid suffocation. Cotton is highly flammable, keep away from naked flame.

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