Hydralyte Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets Lemon Lime 20 Tablets

Hydralyte Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets Lemon Lime 20 Tablets

Hydralyte effervescent electrolyte tablets lemon lime relieves symptoms of dehydration and helps replace water and electrolytes lost due to vomiting, diarrhoea, heavy sweating, vigorous exercise and occasional hangovers.

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1. Remove 2 tablets from tube and replace the cap tightly. Dissolve in 200mL of fresh, cold drinking water. For babies under 6 months use freshly boiled and cooled water. 2. Sip slowly and frequently while symptoms persist. 3. Discard unused solution after 2 hours or 24 hours if refrigerated. 4. Do not mix Hydralyte with cordial, fruit juice, soft or sports drinks. 5. Always dissolve in water. Never place tablet directly into mouth. Store below 30�C.
Seek medical advice if vomiting or diarrhoea persists for more than: \n- 6 hours in infants under 6 months.\n- 12 hours in children under 3 years.\n- 24 hours in children aged 3-6 years.\n- 48 hours in children over 6 years & adults.\n\nContains 156mg of potassium per 200mL dose. If you have kidney disease or are taking heart or blood pressure medicines, consult your doctor or pharmacist before use. Keep out of reach of children. \n\nContains 276 mg of sodium per 200 mL dose. Quantity of sodium per maximum daily dose is 5.52 g. \n\nUse only as directed. If symptoms persist. consult your healthcare practitioner.

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