John Plunkett's Superfade Accelerator Serum 20mL

Potent pigmentation reducing technology that rapidly reduces surface discolouration and mild pigmentation. Superfade Accelerator Serum works from the surface down to transform dull, damaged skin by rapidly exfoliating discoloured surface skin cells, targeting mild pigmentation and lightening sun damaged skin. Contains a powerful blend of BHA and AHAs including Ferulic Acid Cytovectors. Clinical results after 28 days - 68^% less visible dark marks and 80% fewer dark marks. Overnight improvement and easy to add to your skincare routine.
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Mild to moderate pigmentation: Apply morning and night after cleansing, all over face, neck and d�colletage, before John Plunkett moisturiser. Moderate to hyper-pigmentation: Use with Superfade Face Cream. Apply serum all over clearn face, neck and d�colletage, before spot application of Superfade Face Cream.
Ferulic Acid Cytovectors, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Lactokine and Aloe Vera

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