KP24 Sensitive + Comb 100ml

KP24 Sensitive + Comb 100ml

Treating head lice is unavoidable but treating head lice on children with sensitive skin can be tricky. For this reason, KP24 Sensitive has been developed as the first water-based head lice treatment that is bad for nits but gentle on kids.

  • Kills in 15 minutes.
  • Double action power + up to 3 days protection.
  • Prevents from reinfestation.
  • Kills in one single treatment.*

*in most cases.

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Read the leaflet carefully before treatment. Shake the bottle before every use.
1. ACTIVATE BOTTLE - Hold the bottle tightly in your hand and place your thumb on number 1. Push the cap forward. The cap is now positioned at an angle. The active liquid is now released. Shake thoroughly for 10 seconds.
Break off the tip of the cap. The product is now ready for use. Don't throw away the tip, you will need it to close the bottle afterwards.
2. APPLY LOTION Keep a towel around neck and shoulders throughout the treatment. Apply a generous amount of lotion on dry hair. The hair and scalp must be completely saturated. Massage the product thoroughly and pay hereby extra attention to the area behind the ears and back of the neck. Leave on the lotion for minimum 10 to maximum 15 minutes (no longer) and in the meantime comb the hair with a lice comb. If needed comb the hair first with a normal comb/brush to get rid of tangles.
3. SHAMPOO HAIR. Wash the hair with any regular shampoo. Wash and rinse well and comb the hair with a lice comb. Check the hair for the following 7 days. If you discover new lice during this period, repeat the treatment. Shake the bottle before every use. In most cases, a single treatment is sufficient.

Water, Glycerin, Prosil (silylated sugar alcohol), Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl alcohol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance, Xanthan gum, LPF® (sesame oil, acrylate copolymer)

Do not use on children under 12 months of age. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. In the event of signs of irritation/allergy, stop the treatment and wash your hair with your regular shampoo. Do not use this product if the scalp is already very irritated or damaged.
In case of accidental exposure to the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. In case of accidental ingestion or aspiration, contact a doctor or your local anti-poison centre.
Make sure you wash the product out well (also wash off skin that comes into contact with the product).
For external use only.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Keep the product away from fire, flames or hot objects (candles, fireplace, hair dryer, stove etc)

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