Medi Freeze Tick Off

Medi Freeze Tick Off

Medi freeze tick off provides an innovative applicator for the removal of ticks.

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1. Position the opening of the applicator 1cm above the tick. 2. Hold the aerosol dispenser as vertical as possible. 3. Release the cryoliquid pressing 3 times 1cm above the tick. Note: It is possible that you may experience a slightly painful or tingling sensation after the treatment. This will gradually disappear. 4. If the tick still moves after 10 minutes, repeat the process. 5. the tick should fall out after freezing, or lightly dust the tick off the skin once freezing is complete.
38m dimethyl ether. Pressurised aerosol with cap device.
For external use only. For use on adults and children over 4 years old. See the precautions on the aerosol dispenser and the enclosed instructions for use. Store in a cool dry place below 25 degrees celcius. Keep away from sunlight. Flammable.

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