Ocean Healthcare Sickness Bags 3 Pack

These sick bags are a hygienic solution for any vomit related illness.
The convenient, compact packaging makes this product glove box and handbag friendly.

- Compact.
- Non spill.
- Hygienic.
- Easy to use.
- Disposable.
- Glovebox friendly.
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1. Simply unfold the sick bag and pull it down through the ring. 2. Place mouth inside of ring. This will prevent spills, leaks and mess. 3. Once finished, twist the bag and lock into the one of the keyhole grooves in the top plastic ring. Dispose of properly.
Always supervise children and babies whilst using these bags as plastic may cling to nose and mouth, and prevent breathing.
This product is not a toy. Adult supervision is required at all times. Ocean Healthcare Sickness Bags are disposable and not for re-use. Please dispose of carefully.

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