Polident Hold & Seal Denture Adhesive Cream 40g

Feel the freedom of relishing your favourite foods. Polident Hold + Seal gives you strong hold and forms an all-around seal to provide a 5x protective food barrier*. It provides an up to 12-hour hold, and the precision nozzle helps you to apply exactly the right amount of adhesive. Enjoy the freedom from foods such as nuts, seeds or popcorn sneaking under your partial or full denture and savour every bite. Polident Hold + Seal contains no artificial colours or flavours so, it won’t get in the way of enjoying the taste of your favourite food. Enjoy life worry-free.

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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: At first, use a small amount. Use more if needed. Too much adhesive can cause oozing, apply less next time if this occurs. It may take you a few tries to find the right amount for your partial/denture. Apply once a day for strong all day hold and food seal protection. If you need to apply more than once a day, seek advice from your dental health professional. APPLYING: 1) Clean and dry your partial/denture. 2) Apply product as shown on pack, not too close to partial/denture edges. Upper denture: Apply in a long continuous strip. Apply 2 shorter strips in the middle of the denture. Lower denture: Apply product in a long continuous strip. Partial denture: Apply 2 short strips. 3) Rinse mouth before inserting partial/denture. 4) Press partial/denture into place, hold firmly and bite down for a few seconds to secure hold. REMOVING: 1) Swish mouth with warm water. 2) Slowly remove partial/denture using a rocking motion. 3) Remove adhesive residue from partial/denture and mouth with warm water & a soft brush. 4) Use Polident Daily Cleanser to thoroughly clean your partial/denture & then rinse with water.
Calcium/Sodium PVM/MA Copolymer, Petrolatum, Cellulose Gum, Mineral Oil. (Same formulation as Polident Flavour Free Denture Adhesive Cream)
WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS: Please keep the carton for the directions for use. Carefully read all information provided with the product before use. Keep out of sight and reach of children. A few individuals may be sensitive or allergic to this product. If you experience an allergic reaction or discomfort, discontinue use immediately. Other side effects such as oral irritations and gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g. nausea) may occur. Swallowing small amounts of this product, when used as directed, may occur and is not harmful. Ill-fitting dentures may impair your health. Visit your dental health professional regularly to check the fit of your partial/denture. To keep tip from clogging, keep cap and nozzle dry. Refasten the cap after use.

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