Poly Tears Lubricating Eye Drops 15mL

Poly Tears Lubricating Eye Drops 15mL

Poly tears lubricating eye drops soothing relief for dry, irritated eyes.

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Store below 25� C.
Tamper evident: do not use if tamper evident cap is damaged. Do not use if package has been opened or damaged.\n\nIt is essential that you follow your eye care practitioner's directions and all labelling instructions for proper use of the product.\nIf you experience headache, eye pain, persistent eye discomfort, excessive tearing, vision changes or redness of the eye or if the condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours, remove any contact lenses, discontinue use of the eye drops and consult your eye care practitioner.\nDo not use if you are sensitive to any ingredient in this product. Sterile until opened.\nKeep out of reach of children.

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