Rest&Quiet Calm Pastilles Mixed Berry 50g

Rest&Quiet Calm Pastilles Mixed Berry 50g

Rest&Quiet Calm pastilles formula is traditionally used to calm the mind & relieve symptoms of stress and mild anxiety. In convenient cartons, the pastilles are perfect to leave in your car or handbag for daily use when you need some inner calm on the go.

Rest&Quiet Calm Pastilles contains 4 drops of the Calm formula of the 8 remedy formula in each pastille. Made with Dr Bach’s original formulation (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose & Star of Bethlehem) with an additional 3 remedies (Aspen, Mimulus & White Chestnut) to give the emotional support to overcome our daily stressors that we now face in our ever-changing world.

Your moment of calm.

Manufactured to Dr Bach’s original potency method & specifications.
Now available in a delicious Mixed Berry flavour
Alcohol Free
Not diluted to homeopathic potency
Suitable for breastfeeding & lactation
Gluten Free

Flower remedies & indications

Original Dr Bach formula:

Cherry Plum – Self-control
Clematis – Concentrated & grounded
Impatiens – Patience & forgiveness
Rock Rose – Calm
Star of Bethlehem – Accepting of the inevitable
With additional:

Aspen – Optimism & trust
Mimulus – Bravery
White Chestnut – Serenity & clarity

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