Rexona for Men Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll On Ice Cool 50ml

A nature-inspired deodorant with 48-hour protection against sweat and odour, and lasting freshness - that's the Dove Men+Care antiperspirant with Eucalyptus and Birch scent. For men who want protection that works through busy, active days, this antiperspirant deodorant aerosol is made to leave you feeling fresh and dry for a full 48 hours. This antiperspirant has the strength to defend against sweat and odour, with fragrant essential oil extracts, plant-based moisturising oil and the refreshing, woody aromas of Eucalyptus and Birch. This deodorant offers long-lasting performance and comfort because it's tough on sweat, but not on the skin. For the most effective protection, give the can a shake before you spray this antiperspirant on smoothly, let the fresh, crisp scent of Eucalyptus oil and Birch give you protection that works against sweat and odour. You can also rest assured that Dove's global commitment to sustainability means this deodorant is cruelty-free, with no testing done on animals. Refresh your senses and enjoy long-lasting protection with Dove Men+Care Eucalyptus and Birch.

Dove Men+Care Eucalyptus and Birch is also available as a roll on. Complete your grooming routine with the entire Dove Men+Care range. Pair this deodorant with the Dove Men+Care Body Wash and Dove Men+Care 2-in-1 shampoo. Or try our other Dove Men+Care 0% Aluminium deodorants for easy days when you don't need an anti sweat product. To protect against excessive sweating, try Dove Men+Care Clinical Protection.

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