Sambucol Adult Cough Liquid 120mL

Sambucol Adult Cough Liquid 120mL

Sambucol Black Elderberry Cough Liquid combines Ivy Leaf and Sambucol's unique Black Elderberry formula for effective cough relief. A great tasting easy to take formula.

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Best taken at first sign of cough � within 48 hours of onset of symptoms or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Adults: 15mL, 3 times a day. Shake well before use.
Each 15mL Oral Liquid Contains: Sambucus Nigra (Black Elderberry) fruit juice dry 140mg equiv. to fruit juice fresh 4.9g Hedera helix (Ivy Leaf) leaf ext. dry conc. 25mg equiv. to leaf dry 200mg
This product may not be right for you. Always read the label and ingredients prior to use.

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