Scholl In-Balance Lower Back Orthotic Insole Large Size 9 - 11

The range of Scholl In-Balance® Pain Relief Insoles work in 3 ways:

1.  Immediately help to absorb stress-inducing shock through the lower body

2.  Contour to the feet to spread your weight more evenly and reduce pressure

3.  Help to stabilize the position of your foot to support your natural walking style

How does it Work?

Full length insole to support the position of the entire foot and prevent high pressure areas, distributing the load more evenly.

Heel Cup with superior shock absorption** to reduce stress transfer to the lower back.

**vs other Scholl In-Balance Orthotics Insoles range
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Before usage, make sure the product fits well in the shoe, if necessary remove the existing insole. The heel of the insole should be placed against the back of the shoe and if required, trim the end to the desired size following the guidance lines on the product. For some people, orthotic insoles may take time to feel comfortable. Feet need to get used to the structural properties of the insole, so a break in period may be necessary. If needed, build use gradually by wearing the In-Balance Orthotic Insoles for an increasing number of hours each day until you can wear them all day. If pain persists, discontinue use and consult a professional for advice.
This product may not be right for you. Always read the label and ingredients prior to use.

Always read the label. Follow the instructions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

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