Sensodyne Cool Mint Gentle Mouthwash 500mL

Use Sensodyne Sensitive Cool Mint Gentle Mouthwash everyday to maintain healthy teeth and gums. With a mild, refreshing, alcohol free formula that is kind to mouths, Sensodyne Sensitive Cool Mint Gentle Mouthwash is an effective way to complete your daily oral health routine. Its fluoride formula strengthens teeth (when used as directed). The mint flavour mouthwash leaves your breath feeling fresh and your mouth feeling clean.

Sensodyne Sensitive Cool Mint Gentle Mouthwash is suitable for people with sensitive teeth and sensitive mouths. Being an alcohol-free formula and, when used with Sensodyne toothpaste and toothbrush - it helps give your sensitive teeth a thorough clean.

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Use twice daily after brushing. Fill the measuring cap to the 15mL line with Sensodyne Mouthwash, rinse for 60 seconds then spit out.
Contains 3% w/w Potassium Nitrate and 0.048% w/w Sodium Fluoride (217ppm fluoride).
Adults and children, 12 years of age and over. Always follow the label. Keep out of reach of children. Do not drink from the bottle.
Not for use by children under 12 years of age unless on the advice of a dental professional or doctor.

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