Swisspers Cotton Tips Paper Stems 240 Pack

Swisspers market-leading premium cotton tips now with a paper stem.Swisspers Cotton Tips are made from 100% cotton and sustainably sourced paper stems. In addition to cleaning the outer ear, they are ideal for precision application and touch-ups of make-up.

The stiff paper stem gives you greater control compared to a standard plastic stem - plus switching to paper stems reduces single-use plastics in our environment.
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Use your cotton tip to clean the outer nooks and crannies around your ear. Poking it directly into the ear canal can cause damage. DO NOT INSERT COTTON TIP INTO EAR CANAL.
Paper stems are made from sustainably grown wood pulp and recycled paper, with 100% cotton tips.
DO NOT INSERT COTTON TIP INTO EAR CANAL, IT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE TO THE EAR DRUM. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. Keep out of reach of children. Always dispose of in the rubbish bin, never dispose of in the toilet.

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