Tena Men Protective Shield Extra Light 14 Pack

TENA Men Protective Shield is an incontinence pad for men, designed for very light incontinence. It has a masculine shape, is black in colour with an adhesive strip to hold it securely inside regular, firm-fitting underwear. Just 3mm thin but has a secure absorbent core that quickly absorbs and locks away any drips and small dribbles.

  • Odour Control System to prevent unwanted odours

  • Soft, breathable fabric for ultimate discretion and comfort

  • Each TENA Protective Shield is individually wrapped

Recommended for:

  • Very light stress incontinence, such as drips and dribbles

  • 'Just in case' a sneeze, cough, laugh or exercise triggers a small dribble

  • Dribble experienced after urinating and associated with urinary retention

  • Protection while recovering from prostate surgery or radiotherapy

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