Tena Pads Maxi Night 14 Pack

TENA Pads Maxi Night is our most absorbent incontinence pad. This pad is designed for heavy leakage - it is extra long as well as wider at the front and at the back for extra security, absorbency and coverage to manage leaking urine during the day and night.

  • Quick Dry™ technology rapidly locks fluid deep into the pad, ensuring it doesn't leak out when lying down

  • BodyShape™ helps contour to the body for greater comfort

  • Soft side elastics and breathable fabric

  • Dermatologically tested material is safe and kind to skin

Recommended for:

  • Peace of mind for night time incontinence

  • Protection when lying down – day or night

  • Long length and additional coverage

  • When you need extra absorbency and security such as a long car, bus or plane trip

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