Tommee Tippee Express and Go Breast Milk Pouches x 20

Tommee Tippee Express and Go Pouches gives you back some well-deserved freedom and flexibility. Sometimes the process can be messy but Tommee Tippee Express and Go range makes everything easier. By using a single pouch to express, store, warm and feed, there’s no need to transfer milk at any stage, so you’ll never lose a precious drop!
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For your child’s safety and health WARNING! Always use this product with adult supervision. Accidents have occurred when babies have been left alone with drinking equipment due to the baby falling or if the product has disassembled. Never use feeding teats as a soother. Continuous and prolonged sucking of fluids will cause tooth decay. Tooth decay in young children can occur even when non-sweetened fluids are used. This can occur if the baby is allowed to use the bottle for long periods through the day and particularly through the night, when saliva flow is reduced or if it is used as a soother. Always check food temperature before feeding. Remember, never heat milk in a microwave and never boil breast milk as this will destroy valuable nutrients in the milk. These methods can create localised hot spots. Milk storage pouches are for single use only.

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