Veet Expert Face Wax Strips For Sensitive Skin 20 Pack

Reveal your real with the confidence to achieve great results. Veet Expert Face Cold Wax Strips help you remove the shortest of hairs* from the root, contains a touch of Almond Oil for its soothing properties and leaves skin exfoliated and provides smoothness that lasts up to 28 days. It gives the confidence to achieve great results even for those inexperienced with waxing.

Veet Expert Face Wax Strips are designed to allow precise application so it’s ideal for small and delicate areas like your upper lip, cheeks and chin.

Plus, you’ve got expertise at your fingertips with Veet Expert video guides to help you achieve professional looking results^.


^83% agree (n=100) video guides help them get professional results
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1) Separate the two double strips following the pre-cut line. Slowly peel the strips apart using the outwards rounded tabs. 2) Apply one strip to your skin in the direction of hair growth. With the curved tab pointing in the direction your hair grows, make sure the wax adheres well. Place a strip on one half of your upper lip and rub repeatedly in the direction your hair grows (away from the nose). 3) Hold tab. Hold skin taut. Pull strip back on itself (AS FAST AS YOU CAN!) In one swift motion close to the skin as you pull. 4) After waxing, clean away any wax left on your skin with the Perfect Finish™ Wipe with argan oil for great skin finish.
Always read the label and follow the directions of use.

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